Young Man Leaves Decapitated Head On Aunt’s Pillow As A “Christmas Present”

[Chicago, Illinois]

Alexis Valdez (18) was allowed to move in with his aunt, and her boyfriend, Silvestre Diaz-Hernandez (41) under the conditions that he would help with house expenses, get a job, and go to school.

Alexis followed through with his promise and got a job, but never used his money to contribute to the household. In addition to this tension, Alexis eventually decided to stop working which meant that he was living at the home rent-free and being fully supported. Silvestre was upset that Alexis wasn’t holding up his side of the promise. Neighbors said that there were occasional loud arguments at the house.

One incident resulted in busted out car windows. Silvestre eventually asked the teen to leave his home in December of 2013, but still gave him enough time to gather his items and figure out a plan.

On Christmas Eve, Alexis’ aunt left for a Christmas party while Silvestre visited his family. Alexis was left at the home by himself where he began drinking all the beer in the fridge and reflecting on the fact that he had to leave the home soon. When Silvestre returned, he discovered that all of the beer was gone so he invited Alexis to ride along with him to the gas station to purchase more. Before leaving, Alexis hid a hammer by the front door. When they returned, Alexis immediately began bludgeoning Silvestre with the hammer until he fell to the floor.

He then covered up the windows and played loud music as he gouged out his eyeballs with his fingers and cut off the man’s ears, nose, mouth, arm, hand and head using a knife and saw. Alexis took Silvestre’s head and placed it on his aunt’s pillow. According to him, he wanted to “leave a present” for her. He later admitted that he would have also murdered his aunt if she walked in to find her boyfriend’s body.

Alexis called 911 on himself to report a dead body after becoming exhausted from the mutilation. The operator asked him if he attempted to do CPR. Alexis laughed and replied by saying that the torso didn’t have a head. When police arrived, they noticed that Alexis was drenched in blood. Authorities found Silvestre’s beaten and dismembered body in the basement of the apartment. Alexis immediately admitted to his actions and was arrested.

He was charged with first degree murder and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

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