Unsolved: Teacher Hung Out With A Student And Then Was Shot Dead?

[Aliquippa, Pennsylvania]

Rachael Deltondo (33) was an elementary school teacher from Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

She was also engaged to a man named Frank Catroppa. When they met, she was dating someone and Frank was engaged, but they mutually agreed to break up with their significant other for each other. Rachael’s family and friends noticed that the relationship was very back and forth when it came to getting along. It ultimately fell off after she didn’t want to sign a prenup. However, they continued to talk and maintain some type of connection.

As her bond continued with him, Rachael approached her friend, Jenn, with a deep dark secret. She confessed to meeting up with one of her former elementary school students, Sheldon Jeter​​ — 17 years old at the time — late at night.

Police discovered the two parked in a field with the passenger seat fully reclined and steamy windows. Rachael denied ever having sexual contact with the boy, but Jenn felt differently. The confession transformed into a confrontation where Rachael hit Jenn, so Jenn retaliated by telling Frank the secret. Rachael’s mother knew about Sheldon, but claims that the misguided teenager mistook Rachael’s kindness for liking him and as a result, became obsessed with her.

After learning the news about the teenager, Frank went down to the police station to inquire about the report from the incident. He was close friends with a few of the officers so he was quickly granted the report. According to him, he showed many people the paperwork. His actions resulted in someone emailing it to Rachael’s school, the media, the mayor, Jenn, and the local school board. She was ultimately suspended from her job. To spill a few secrets of her own, Rachael spoke with an investigative journalist to expose the corrupt police department in Aliquippa. She claimed that the officers were getting paid to turn a blind eye to crime. Furthermore, she explained that she was being followed by the police and sent anonymous death threats. However, she never could present solid proof of her claims.

Rachael then began hanging out with Shelton’s half-brothers, Rashawn Bolton and Tyree Jeter. According to Rachael’s mother, this enraged Shelton because he wasn’t being included. On the night of May 13th, 2018, she met up with Tyree and a 17 year old girl named Lauren that she mentored. They all headed to get some ice cream together. Meanwhile, Sheldon was texting Tyree about being left behind when it came to getting ice cream. Later that night, Rachael arrived home and was at the end of her driveway when she was shot multiple times at close range.

Police acquired a search warrant for Sheldon Jeter’s room where they collected the wrong clothing from that night. He has never been arrested for any offense connected to Rachael’s murder. However, he was arrested and found guilty of murdering his friend in June of 2021.

Officials refuse to confirm or deny if Frank is a person of interest, but his attorney claims he is not.

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