The Toyah Corginley Case: Her Possible Killer Is At Police’s Fingertips?

[Queensland, Australia]

On October 21st, 2018, Toyah Cordingley (24) walked her beloved dog, Indie, at Wangetti Beach around 2:30pm.

Locals in this area said that a lot of odd, sexual deviants roam the area frequently to watch girls. When she never returned from her walk, her boyfriend, Marco, called the police.

She was officially ruled as missing around 10:50 that night. Since she was last known to be walking Indie at Wangetti Beach, police and volunteer searchers, including her own father, expanded on that location.

Her mother, Vanessa, first found her dog tied up on the beach so tight that it couldn’t sit down. Toyah was a proud dog mother that would never abandon her baby especially in such a heartless way. She worked at the animal shelter spending her time calming down the aggressive dogs with her loving nature. Therefore, this discovery was alarming.

At 7:45am on October 22nd, her own father, Troy, stumbled across her bruised and battered body in the sand. It appeared to be sexually motivated, but her official cause of death was never released to protect the integrity of the case.”Toyah is my only child. Finding her body has burnt an indelible image in my mind. It is something a father should never have to suffer,” Mr. Cordingley wrote on Facebook in the months after her death. Police immediately started combing the area for any other clues.

One main lead traces back to a man named Rajwinder Singh.

He apparently worked as a nurse in Queensland during the time of Toyah’s death. On the day Toyah’s body was found, Rajwinder immediately fled to his home country of India. He left so unexpectedly that his father followed him back to India to search for him. This was unlike him especially because he had three children and a wife that he quickly left behind. He was initially listed as a missing person, but police now have reason to believe he is in a remote village near the border of Pakistan and India. Australian authorities searched his home in Australia and retrieved a handful of personal items, but have not said what they were because they have failed to apprehend Rajwinder yet.

Due to extradition treaty roadblocks, detectives have struggled to bring him back to Australia for questioning. India is a very difficult place to extradite people from due to it’s overcrowded court system. Even if authorities attempted to extradite him, it may take months to years for a successful apprehension. Indian law enforcement agencies have cooperated with Australian Federal Police and Queensland detectives, but Toyah’s family believe that the Australian police have not been effective with the investigation. Her cousin stated that they possibly mishandled evidence at the crime scene and leaked information that was crucial to the investigation. They also haven’t seemed to follow up with Indian police to pursue Rajwinder.

Rajwinder Singh has never been caught and extradited back to Australia to face questioning which leaves Toyah’s family constantly reliving the tragedy and dwelling on the fact that there is no justice.



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Holly Alexis

Holly Alexis


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