The Megan Hiatt Case: Twin Baby Girls Shot In Her Arms During Murder-Suicide

[Jacksonville, Florida]

Megan Hiatt (22) became a mother June of 2015 to teeny little miracles Kayden Reese and Hayden Rose. On Megan’s facebook, she praised and thanked the father of her children, Navy man Gawain “Rush” Wilson (28), but behind closed doors, he was far from praiseworthy.

Rush was consistently abusive, but Megan admitted that she failed to recognize that it was abuse because he never physically hit her. Furthermore, he was very respectful and attentive to her in public, but when they got home, he would degrade her with the most offensive insults and corner her against walls. He forced her to have sex daily, called her fat, and insulted her for being a stay at home mother with no money.

She finally got the courage to leave on November 13th, 2015, because he was on active duty at NAS Jacksonville. The couple had one last heated phone call between each other as Rush threatened to kill her and begged to see his girls. Afterwards, Megan called her father, Travis Hiatt, and her best friend to help her pack up her remaining items. In the midst of her boxing things up, Rush left his duty station without permission, busted through the door and pinned her up against the wall while she held the twins. Megan shouted at her father to run, but Gawain yelled “Watch your dad! WATCH HIM!” before shooting him.

Then Rush shifted the gun back toward Megan and the girls. She tried to turn her daughters’ faces away from the barrel of the gun, but he opened fire so much that she lost count of the amount of gunfire. Both infants were struck in the back of their heads and their crying stopped. Megan was hit a total of 7 times in the face, wrist, mid section, and leg. After leaving a trail of tragedy, Rush killed himself. Her best friend was able to escape during the ordeal.

Megan crawled through the blood of her children to reach her father who was barely clinging to life. He was able to talk and reassure her about how much he loved her, as well as promise to watch over the family from heaven. Megan laid on top of her father in an attempt to stop the heavy bleeding, but he eventually passed away as well. Despite being shot 7 times, Megan survived and managed to call the police.

Megan became an advocate for domestic violence victims insisting people to leave their partners during the first couple red flags. She also attempted to sue the Navy because she believed the incident could have been prevented. They were aware that he had two previous criminal charges against him for domestic offenses against other women, as well as attending anger management classes, but still allowed him to maintain his title. Furthermore, during the couple’s last phone call together, Megan heard a person telling Rush to get off of the phone. She believed that if that person attempted to stop him or notified a helpful resource, the murders would have never occurred. However, the court ruled against Hiatt stating: “The general principle in Florida is that ‘a party has no legal duty to control the conduct of a third person to prevent that person from causing harm to another.”

Megan Hiatt, who now lives with a prosthetic eye, and PTSD said, “When you find a safe time, you go. Clean out your bank account. Don’t worry about taking TV’s. Don’t worry about couches. Your lives matter more.” She now visits the cemetery where her father and daughters are buried. She said it’s painful to realize, “I didn’t get to feed them their first rice bowl. I didn’t get to hear ‘Mama’ come out of their mouths.” She was wheelchair bound for a while until a surgeon in Fort Worth was able to repair her leg. Now she is working through physical therapy to gain her strength back.

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