The Eilish Poe Case: Her Attacker Hid In Her Basement For 26 Hours

[Fort Collins, Colorado]

Eilish Poe (24) was an elementary school teacher that everyone described as a trustworthy person that you would genuinely love your children being around. She dated a man named Jonathan Crossley (25) for a little while, but like many relationships she decided that it wasn’t working out. The break up apparently sent Jonathan into a deep depression. He searched on his phone how the coronavirus pandemic could impact relationships. He also told friends that he couldn’t move to a city because he wouldn’t be able to make friends due to the virus.

On November 3rd, 2020, Jonathan broke into Eilish’s home and hid in the basement while she was at work. He stayed there for over 24 hours listening to her every move and all of her conversations with her roommate. It was also reported that he would walk around the home while the girls were gone.

The following day, Eilish was trying to find rabbit food for her bunny, Boomer, when Jonathan suddenly jumped out from behind a corner and stabbed her. She pleaded with him that it didn’t have to be like this, but he coldly ignored her and continued to puncture different areas of her body. Eilish decided that the only possible way she was going to survive was if she played dead. Her lack of movement seemed to work because Jonathan stopped the attack and fled. By the end of the stabbing, Eilish was wounded in 16 places on her neck, torso, and arms. She was unable to move her arms properly, therefore she used the voice command option on her iPhone to call 911.

Police arrived to find Eilish alive and talking. In fact, she was able to inform them about the whole incident and implicate Jonathan as her attacker. Authorities rushed to track his location through his phone pings. The signals showed that he was traveling away from the crime scene toward the foothills and Horsetooth Reservoir. Once he arrived at his chosen location, he jumped off a 150 foot cliff and killed himself. Eilish was taken to the hospital while police searched the area Jonathan hid in. They found the window screen leading to the basement cut, as well as a water bottle, some snacks, and a blanket.

Since her ordeal, Eilish has been in and out of the hospital for her recovery. She made it back to her 3rd grade classroom to teach. However, her father recently gave an update explaining that Eilish found a large hematoma due to a bleeding artery on her armpit. The scary discovery was promptly treated which allowed Eilish to return to her life and continue her path to healing.



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Holly Alexis

Holly Alexis


23. Sociology & Criminal Justice Major. True Crime Fanatic. Writer. All articles are tossed together from the comfort of my couch.