The Alexa Cannon Case: Killed By Her Best Friend During Drug Induced Rage

[Radford, Virginia]

Luisa Cutting (21) and Alexa Cannon (20) were best friends since their freshman year of college. They originally met online followed by living across from each other for a year in college. Then they decided to share an off-campus apartment together in 2018.

The girls constantly posted pictures with each other on their social media accounts while beaming with smiles. Alexa captioned one of her last posts with Luisa, “Love you more Lu and everyone pray that we don’t kill each other this year.”

However, on January 24th, 2019, their bond truly turned deadly. During the early hours of that morning, neighbors heard screaming and arguing through the walls. The neighbor heard mention of a knife and called 911. When police knocked on the girls’ apartment, Luisa opened the door while drenched in blood. She turned around, put her hands behind her back, and said “arrest me.” The officer asked Luisa what was going on to which she replied with “I killed her.” While examining the apartment, authorities found Alexa laying on the ground with a large butcher knife sticking out of her mouth. She had been stabbed 30 times.

Luisa was taken back to the police station to be questioned. She acted bizarre by rambling and saying that she “did cocaine with devil.” Furthermore, she mentioned the Apocalypse, recited the Hail Mary prayer in Spanish, and tried to shove her entire fist into her mouth. Her behavior became so worrisome that she was admitted into a mental hospital for a week.

It was determined that on the night of Alexa’s murder, Luisa took a cocktail of drugs consisting of cocaine, mushrooms, Adderall, Xanax, marijuana, and alcohol. Her defense attorney said those drugs, combined with lack of sleep and mental illness made her have a psychotic break. Just close to two weeks before Luisa killed her roommate, she tweeted “I know death is coming but I still can’t wrap my head around it.”

She was charged with second degree murder.

“There are no words for this tragedy. And my heart is filled with sorrow and grief. My heart goes out to the Cannon family. I am so, so sorry. I take full responsibility for this. Again, I am so, so sorry for this tragedy. I’d like to thank my parents and friends for being by my side as I am so thankful and again there are no words for this tragedy. Thank you,” said Luisa. Alexa’s family wanted Luisa to accept a plea deal so they would not have to follow through with hearing the details of Alexa’s murder during a trial.

Therefore, Luisa took a plea deal for 40 years that would ultimately be suspended after she served 20 years. After her release in 2039, she will be on probation for 10 years.



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Holly Alexis

Holly Alexis


23. Sociology & Criminal Justice Major. True Crime Fanatic. Writer. All articles are tossed together from the comfort of my couch.